Hello Fashionistas/os! I’m Madison Quo, otherwise known as Maddie. For this fall season, I’ll be highlighting the latest fashion and trends at Rutgers University. This is my second year as a Scarlet Knight and I’m thrilled to be spending it with CollegeFashionista. While exploring the different styles around campus, I’ll be pursuing a degree in English and Dance. As you have probably guessed, I have a passion for writing, dancing and of course—fashion!

Living in New Jersey has its perks. I was born and raised in the suburbs of South Jersey, spending my summers along the shore. But what I love more than my quiet suburban town and relaxing beach life is the city—New York City to be exact. With only an hour drive to Manhattan, Rutgers has allowed me to not only appreciate local college trends but to explore the busy streets of NYC and admire their style diversity.

Growing up, I didn’t understand fashion, style nor trends. They were all just a bunch of meaningless words to me. As a child, I dressed myself according to what my older sister would wear, which at the time consisted only of T-shirts and jeans. Let me make this clear—there is nothing wrong with T-shirts and jeans. There is, however, something wrong with wearing said T-shirts and jeans everyday (no offense, sis!). Fortunately my sister and I have grown up. With the exposure to mass media, we have enhanced our knowledge of fashion and learned to go beyond T-shirts and jeans.

Nowadays, my style reflects my personality: feminine, fun and sometimes a little edgy. One day I’ll be wearing a sundress with cute sandals, and the next day I’ll be sporting skinny jeans with my favorite, very worn out combat boots. Floral patterns are my favorite and they always catch my eye, whether they’re in a dress, shirt or even shoes. And if it’s ever chilly, which it will be this fall season, I’ll just throw on a simple cardigan and an infinity scarf to complete my ensemble.

Thank you for reading my first post as a Style Guru. I’m looking forward to a great season with you!