STYLE GURU BIO: Madison Ellin

Yo peeps. My name is Madison Ellin and I want to welcome you guys to a little slice of the UIUC campus through my eyes. I am a transfer student to the University of Illinois starting my sophomore year this fall. Being a Floridian, I am excited to finally experience seasons and not melt from the lovely Sunshine State humidity. On a more terrified note, I have never experienced weather colder than 40 degrees, so may the odds be ever in my favor.

My guilty pleasures include wearing fall colors and dark lipstick year round, binge-watching any show Netflix recommends for me and consuming my body weight in junk food. I owe all of my successes to exorbitant amounts of caffeine, because coffee pretty much runs through my veins and is the reason I am still functioning as a human being.

My fashion varies with my mood, typically ranging from a boho ’70s vibe to an edgy, ’90s grunge influence. My closet would not be complete without boyfriend jeans and classic booties. Long simplistic necklaces have been one of my latest must—haves and are one of my favorite things to layer on an outfit. This particular outfit can be dressed down for a casual lunch outing or can be worn, as shown, for a night out on the town. I’ve been extremely into the army green color for fall, which is illustrated by the drawstring jogger pants and the cutout-detail booties. Arm cuffs are circulating through the latest trends and are a simple way to spruce up any outfit, such as the gold one I wore with black jewel accents.

I want to show my unique twist and mash up of styles through these articles and I hope everyone reading gets a feel for my journey from the city of Tampa Bay to the cornfields of Illinois.