STYLE GURU BIO: Mackenzie Dugas

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello! Welcome! How’s it going? My name is Mackenzie Dugas, but you can call me Kenzie. I am a junior at Florida Gulf Coast University, and my major is business management. I was born and raised in the small town of Canton, Michigan, but it’s official, I am a beach bum. I can’t handle winters anymore.

My addiction with shopping started at a young age. School-clothes shopping gave me life as a child, and as I moved onto middle school, I discovered that there was more to clothing than an Abercrombie moose. Forever21 opened the doors to heaven. I found bedazzled and sequined clothing (honestly who doesn’t love sparkly clothing?) and thought I started a trend when I bought leggings that were meant to look like jeans. From then on, I loved fashion.

As I grew up, I became more aware of trends and fashion icons in the industry and they always inspired me to be myself. That’s when I started making fashion blogs as a creative outlet. It hasn’t been until my junior year of college that I know what I want in life and how to be more confident in myself. I launched my own blog, told my parents I want to work in the fashion industry, and started applying to internships with amazing companies. I know it is going to be a long journey in finding where I belong but at least now I’ll be able to express myself without feeling the need to hide it from people.