January 10th, 2017 at 2:10am

My name is M.C. Cross. I go to Mizzou, where I’m a journalism major with minors in Textile and apparel management and hospitality management. I was born in Texas and raised in Atlanta. My hobbies include having some quality time with family and friends, indulging in the arts, and watching Netflix while I’m snuggled up in bed. I love watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. I find it inspiring and it is my absolute guilty pleasure.

I get my fashion inspiration from different aspects of my life. I am half Puerto Rican so I am inspired by my culture and its roots. I am gender fluid so I like to play around with masculine and feminine garments in my wardrobe and see what I can create. I am really into vintage fashion. I’ll be watching a John Hughes movie and I’ll see a look I like and try to recreate it with my own twist.

My favorite thing in my wardrobe is my pink faux fur coat. My favorite trend is high-waisted jeans because they make me feel fabulous. My best winter fashion advice is invest in as many fleece-lined garments as you can. Fleece-lined tights are great for wearing under jeans in the winter. You will be so warm, it’s ridiculous. My new year’s fashion resolution is to incorporate more clothes in my wardrobe. I wear a lot of grays and blacks in the winter so I’m trying to add in some lighter colors. I am super excited to be a Style Guru and share my words of wisdom this semester.