STYLE GURU BIO: Lyndsay Rinere

September 2nd, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello Fashionistas! My name is Lyndsay Rinere and I am a junior at Salve Regina University in the beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. I’m an English Communications major with minors in Film studies, as well as Women, Gender and Sexuality studies; basically you can always find me reading for a class, watching a movie (most of the time for class), writing a paper or riding my bright red moped to the beach! My interests include dancing, seeing  friends, trying great food, trying to grow out my hair, humor, overpriced athletic wear and shoes.

I was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut right on the shoreline, where pastels and Ralph Lauren rule all; however, that’s totally not my style. I have really grown up being surrounded by fashion; my mom is one of my most prominent style icons in my life. She owns her own high-end clothing store, so I have been fortunate enough to experience the fashion industry first hand by working directly with designers and buying the latest trends for my mother’s customers, as well as being a personal stylist for whoever asks me for their help—I am a very lucky girl.

Surprisingly enough, I was a huge tomboy when I was younger, so I never thought that I would ever be interested in fashion considering all I wanted to do was play sports and wear sweatpants; I had zero desire to put on the girly clothes my mom so wanted me to wear. However, as we get older, our style changes, and I really started experimenting with my own personal style when I started dancing competitively around age 10; it definitely had something to do with all that glitter and stage makeup!

I think my favorite thing about my personal style is that I don’t have one particular style that I always follow. Sometimes I like to be boho, sometimes ’90s grunge, and sometimes classic; it really depends on how I feel that day! I really don’t think anyone should fall under a certain category for taste; you can wear anything you want as long as it is executed well and you wear it with confidence, which should be the finishing touch of every look.
As a fashion lover, I definitely have a slight shopping addiction that probably won’t get resolved, and I am not completely positive on how many pairs of shoes I own. I always try to be unique with what I wear and hopefully inspire others with some of my unique fashion choices. I love statement necklaces, loose layers and an interesting shoe to top it all off. I always try to have one piece as the focal point of every outfit so the look doesn’t get too busy; it is always hard trying to find the perfect balance in an outfit, so sometimes it takes me longer to get ready than usual.

I can’t wait to continue writing my articles for CollegeFashionista and I hope everyone enjoys reading them!