STYLE GURU BIO: Luke Polihrom

Growing up in the Bronx I have always had the city in me, but I have also, always had this inexplicable love for nature as well. The combination of the two has helped to define my style. I enjoy many activities including: finding the best coffee shops and thrift stores in town, hiking or rock climbing up a mountain, taking photographs of friends, or random strangers, growing fresh vegetables and herbs in my backyard and having a bonfire with friends while enjoying many laughs together. Since, I enjoy such a wide array of activities, my style is very diverse and combines the city and outdoors.

I have moved multiple times in my life throughout New York and New Jersey, but I now reside in Brooklyn. I am a freshman at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. I am studying sustainable urban environments, which is basically a combination of environmental engineering, urban studies and sustainability. In order to ensure more sustainable and eco-friendly cities and in hopes of a better world. I would love to implement plant life throughout the walls and floors of city buildings, be a city park planner or be a tiny home designer. The good thing about my major is that I can one day have a job where I’m able to travel, which I absolutely love doing.

I have such a tight bond with my family. They have encouraged me to be who I am and do what I love. They helped to give me the confidence to try multiple activities or pursue certain interests that I may have. Having two older sisters has helped to develop my style, as well. It is my family which has given me my love for both city and nature. We have been going on family adventures together for as long as I could remember. They have had much influence throughout my life, exemplifying what a loving family looks like. They gave me my passion to want to live a sustainable lifestyle.