Hello new season and new semester of Fashionista-ing! (Can I make that a new verb?).

I am so excited to join this amazing team for another semester of self-exploration and growth. Last fall I had no idea really of what I was signing up for and I later realized that this is basically my dream job. I get to play around with my camera, meet people who have the same interests as me, be inspired by other people’s creativity and witness my own creative growth.

Looking back at myself starting from freshman year at USC, I have really matured both mentally and through my choice of style. I was fully comfortable wearing a pair of high-waisted shorts and a crop top out but that’s a bit out of my comfort zone now. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a good pair of high-waisted shorts and crop tops are still staple pieces in my wardrobe but now I definitely style them differently. This outfit that I am currently featuring is my go-to winter look: high-waisted pants and layering turtlenecks. I absolutely love playing with pieces of clothing that I would never have thought of wearing together before. The turtleneck I am wearing is actually a tank top. I layered it with this soft long sleeved shirt and tucked them both into pants.

I’m the type of person who needs to look put together all the time. Even when I’m lounging at home with my roommates I always make an effort. That’s just something I like to do for myself. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m lounging at home or going out for a quick bite to eat comfort is still still my priority! That’s why I’m completely obsessed with these pants. They’re not tight and fit just right. They’re made with a stretchy material (almost like sweatpants) and they’re tailored and structured enough that you can dress them up or dress them down. I sometimes pair these pants with crop tops when it’s warmer outside. These pants are everything I could ask for in a piece of clothing: versatile, simple and flattering!

My absolute favorite thing about this outfit is the blanket shawl. It is so soft and adds a much needed layer of warmth. When I wrap it around myself, I feel completely engulfed in the softest material in the world! The colors on it are also so easy to pair with anything in the winter season.

I wanted to finish this look off with one of my favorite pairs of heels. I was debating between these and a pair of classic white sneakers but I decided on the heels at the end. I wanted to kick off the semester with an emphasis on how my style has evolved over the past few months. I feel a lot more sophisticated and I cannot wait to play around with more styles to come in the upcoming season!