STYLE GURU BIO: Lucero Flores

September 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there, Fashionistas! My name is Lucero Flores and this fall I will be a second semester junior at American University double majoring in International Studies and Communication Studies. This fall I will be writing to you from the nation’s district, Washington D.C., sharing with you all the latest styles and trends influenced by Fashionistas around the world.

My style is simply vintage, bold and eccentric. Being in a city surrounded by people from all over the world had me realize the importance of standing out in the big city and staying true to who you are.

This fall, I will be highlighting ’80s flashbacks, Audrey Hepburn classics and colorful statement pieces all influenced by my personality and lifestyle. I believe that fashion has meaning, and it says a lot about who you are and where you are going in your future endeavors. The ’80s is my most favorite decade: talk about blazers, Converse, The Breakfast Club and Audrey Hepburn—the essence of classiness and femininity. I’m a fan of pencil skirts and blouses all day, especially for internships on Pennsylvania Avenue and finally, I believe that young women are born to stand out and make a difference in society, but only if you wear your favorite jeweled statement necklace from your favorite boutique.

For my first feature, I am wearing my most favorite outfit that is comfy and classy. These are my go-to black harem pants from H&M, worn with a black seamless bandeau. Next, I am wearing black, one inch, gold belted BCBGMAXAZARIA pointed heels and Francesa’s jeweled statement necklace. To complete my outfit, I have my favorite sky gray blue tote that is perfect for carrying around my planner, notebook and pens for the new school year.

Aside from the beautiful threads, I never forget to enhance my beauty! Although inner beauty is the most important aspect in a young woman, it is important to always look your best. This fall, I will be touching up my outfits by using using different shades of Urban Decay lipstick from retro fuchsia lipstick to matte caramel lipstick, and its original Naked palette with black eyeliner and mascara.

This fall, I encourage all Fashionistas to stand out and mix and match different styles and trends. It’s a new season! Be who you are and be distinct. Apply for that internship, serve in your community and make a difference! Show the world who you are and reach for your dreams and never forget to take your style with you. Fashion fades, but style is forever!