STYLE GURU BIO: Lotte Weideman

Hello fellow Fashionistas. I’m so excited to start my journey as one of CollegeFashionista’s Style Gurus this semester. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my unique voice with all of you. I am in my last year as a student at Kent State University’s Fashion School majoring in Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Marketing.

Kent State is a wonderful place to be a Fashionista. The fashion school offers a home for chic seekers from all walks of life. Between the Annual Fashion School Show and the Fashion Museum, there is a never ending source of inspiration. Kent State truly encourages wardrobe creativity and all fashion styles are represented from preppy to rocker. Often times fellow students are my inspiration and I count myself lucky to be in such an accepting and visionary environment.

I appreciate all kinds of fashion and don’t limit myself to just one label. I am open to all new trends I see and love to experiment with new styles. I count Olivia Palmero and Blair Eadie as my greatest fashion Icons and look to them when I feel my outfits are getting stale. I love the elegance of a Louis Vuitton bag but get giddy at the sight a trendy cape poncho at Forever 21. Mixing high-priced basics with low-priced trend items is one of my favorite ways to create an outfit.

My favorite thing about fashion is the beauty that it brings to our world. I see every day as an opportunity to create a special moment using clothes. There is something that really elevates the mundane when I slip on a new pair of leather jeans or a beautifully woven cable knit sweater. Fashion to me is about making the most of everyday and really living in the moment. It is a beautiful outward expression of who we are. I can’t wait to share Kent State students’ contribution to this living art form. Look for my articles every Wednesday, and to my Kent State trendsetters: bring your A-game.