STYLE GURU BIO: Logan Wilson

STYLE GURU BIO: Logan Wilson

I’m Logan Wilson. I am a sophomore at Westminster College, majoring in marketing and minoring in fine arts.

From a young age, I have always put thought into my outfits. No, not necessarily to impress anybody, but because I enjoyed feeling put together and having the extra confidence that dressing nice gives you when taking on the upcoming day.

I am a thrifty girl at heart, so when it comes to shopping, I look to never pay full price for anything. (Unless I absolutely can’t live without it.) When I enter a store, I go right to the sale rack at the back. If I can’t find what I’m looking for there, my next stop is thrift stores. There, I feel like I can find the trendy looks I see around my campus for a small fraction of the price.

I generally dress in neutral colors paired with accessories like scarves, hats, shoes, statement necklaces, or even patterned jackets. Words I would use to describe my style are thrifty, trendy, comfy, bohemian, and vintage. Although dressing cute is usually my main focus, attending college in the unpredictable weather realm of western Pennsylvania requires that dressing to the weather holds priority over everything.

The coldest day of the winter season just happened to be the day that I took pictures for my bio, but that didn’t stop me from feeling cute and looking put together. I made sure to layer my top half starting with a deep mustard colored turtle neck from Forever 21 under my gray and silver knit sweater (that I got from my grandma’s closet). I topped it off with a warm, fluffy, hooded fur jacket from Peebles. For jeans, I chose to keep it comfortable with one of my favorite pairs of light wash ripped, cropped jeans from Hollister. I layered up on the socks to stay warm, worn under my cute caramel colored back-tie ankle booties from Charlotte Russe. Lastly, I added the element that I actually planned my outfit around, a multi-color geometric patterned beanie that is very warm, and just happened to be on super sale when I was Black Friday shopping at Aeropostale. This beanie incorporated the deep mustard color of my turtleneck, the silver thread in my sweater, and topped off with a puff of fluff, matching the fluff look of my fur jacket. You can never forget to add some type of jewelry, so I wore a pair of diamond stud earrings and some bracelets to add a little extra texture to my outfit.

The below-freezing temperatures stood little chance against my cute outfit that made me more than confident to take on my day. Keep up with my monthly articles for an inside scoop on the trends that cover my campus and my fashionista friends, but until then…