Back at it again for round two! Hello beautiful people, I am Lo Williams, a charismatic sophomore attending the University of Missouri. Currently, I am studying journalism with a minor in textiles and apparel management. In the near future, I hope to either work as a fashion market editor at a fashion magazine or a creative director.

I like to refer to my style as refined eclectic. I find mixing vintage and modern pieces create a really cool and original look. Thrifting is something I am very passionate about. It’s a great hobby and lets me stretch my creative mind. I love turning something “ugly” into something new and cute.

My style is constantly evolving. I believe our style should reflect who we are as we grow and as we learn knew things about ourselves; we are not who were were a year ago. As I move into my twenties (yikes), I am trying to focus on a more refined style while staying true to my youthful and fun self.

Today’s look incorporates a lot of classic pieces. Textured camis, mainly silk, have been very popular this season. I’ve been playing around with a lot of different textures in the camisole silhouette. In addition, in parts due to my love for the minimalist trend, I have fallen in love with culottes! My mom would probably laugh dangerously loud if I expressed this to her, but what can I say? These pants are so comfortable and they easily turn any outfit into something très chic. I picked up these suede sock fit booties from Public Desire. I’m a huge fan of this sock fit boot trend! The boots translate very well across many different outfit platforms; they’ll do great with any style I’m feeling, whether edgy or bohemian. Lastly, my look was topped off with my favorite trend at the moment: the handkerchief/bandana necklace. I adore this silk scarf! Not only does it blend the outfit together, but it makes me feel so Parisian.