Hey there fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Liz Clark, and I’m currently a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying International Trade and Marketing. I write for my own blog, so I’m eager and super excited to start writing for CollegeFashionista as well!

I first became interested in fashion when I realized I had a talent for sewing and loved to create beautiful pieces. This was carried into high school, and instead I chose to pursue the business side of fashion rather than the art side for college. Now, as an alternative of creating individual apparel pieces, I’ve stepped towards putting outfits together with already existing apparel.

On most days, like in these photos featured, I can be found wearing at least one piece of black clothing and no less than two rings. I think it’s the small details that make the outfit; therefore, I absolutely love accessories. In these photos I tied a white bandana around my neck and opted for a Victoria’s Secret white lace bralette underneath a plain black tank. The polka-dot print jeans and snake-skin print sandals mix up some prints, but the neutral colors keep this outfit from being too loud for a casual day out.

The pieces of black clothing are really a New York City feature. One of my favorite things about fashion is the way it will bring people from very different areas together.  Anywhere you go, you can either bring your own style and represent where you’re from or take away from the style of the people from the place you’re visiting or mix them both up to create a totally new look!