Hello lovely people, I am Liv Graul. I am a sophomore at Belmont University in Nashville and am absolutely loving it. I have lived in Nashville since I was 10-years-old and when time came around to chose where to venture off to college, I chose to stay in the city that I love. I see a lot of myself in the city of Nashville because it is filled with diversity, authenticity, southern charm, and a lot of spunk. My style shows off these aspects of my personality, and makes me feel perfectly fit when roaming the urban streets and trendy corners of wonderful Nash.

Although Belmont is a school known for music and I do have a deep love for music, my career path is not musically inclined. Nonetheless, I started off my journey at Belmont as an English major. I’m not yet sure on what I wanted to pursue as a career but I have a passion for writing. After a year as an English major, it was not the right fit yet my passion for writing still thrived, and I found a major that fit me perfectly: corporate communications. This new path I am embarking on at Belmont makes me excited for the future because I am utilizing my strength in communication.

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. Since I was just a little girl, I have always found joy in putting together outfits and styling myself as well as others. Whether window shopping through a row of boutiques or doing makeup for fun, I love creating looks. I believe the finished product of a put together look is so uniquely beautiful across the board. The form of expression and creation put into people’s style is truly remarkable, and I love getting to work with it as a Style Guru.

I enjoy pale colors, minimalistic styles, trendy details, and affordable fashion. The trends in this outfit that I have been in love with recently are the over-the-knee boots, shirts with keyholes, and tassels like the one on my purse. I swiped this pair of shoes from Molly Green for a super amazing price, and they quickly have risen to one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own. I think light wash ripped jeans always work. Pale blue and pink are my favorite colors so I decided to represent them both! I felt like $1 million sporting this look and most importantly, I felt like myself.

I believe the most important thing in fashion is to be yourself. Trends are fun, but I do not think anyone should give into a trend that does not fit their style just because it is popular. Fashion is all about self-expression, and sometimes people get lost in the fads. Always stick to what you love—you can never go wrong there!