June 2nd, 2016 at 2:10am

Hey, everyone!

It’s officially my third time returning to CollegeFashionista and I’m arguably the most excited I’ve ever been for the summer season. That’s partially because classes are out for the summer and my wallet’s begging me to start my seasonal job but, still, CollegeFashionista feels like the warming light overhead.

Just as this internship provides heightened creative opportunities among stress and tests, I’m fully expecting the same creative release amidst tables and tips (yes, I’m waiting tables this summer.)

For those who’ve followed my work, well, thanks! And for those who haven’t, I hope we get to know each other—and our styles—a little better.

Disclaimer: expect the unexpected this summer season.

Over the past few semesters, I’ve really tried to keep a fashion-focused eye on my campus’ Fashionistas/os and I’ve begun building my own understanding of what makes an outfit. In turn, I’ve come to a conclusion on what definitely makes someone a Fashionista/o.

As I see it, show-stopping ensemble’s are almost entirely rooted in the comfort it affords its wearer. I’m not talking about sweatpants and scrunchies here—although I fully support them making a comeback—Instead, I’m talking about the unbridled confidence a well-fitted, thoughtful outfit can conjure.

In a world focused on big brands matched by big beauty, there’s really one thing that renders an outfit stylish: efficient expression.

An outfit should tell a story, make a statement and, more than anything else, make an individual positively self aware.

For me, comfort was found in these light-wash, biker jeans—paired with a simple, black T-shirt and red flannel.  With added circle-frame glasses and squeaky clean white Adidas sneakers, this look caters to my favorite decade: the ’90s. It’s worth noting my choice to include an optional denim jacket because in my world, you can’t ever have enough denim—Yes, I’m an unapologetic advocate for the double denim look.

From zany sweaters to unconventional fits, the decade of fashion “don’ts” has become my fashion norm.

My point: everyone has a “fashion norm” and, whether orthodox or not, it’s hard to put down a look that brings a person peace of (fashion) mind.

And so, my goal for the summer is to bring to CollegeFashionista those unique looks—the kind that initiate Fashionistas/os undying smiles and unstoppable attitudes.