January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello, fellow fashion-focused friends.

For anyone wondering, “Who’s the kid with the fade?” I’m essentially another 20-something trying to make a name for myself in the ever-growing pool of people striving to “make it big.”  Admittedly, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find that “yellow brick road” to success but, honestly, college has taught me there’s no such thing; it’s all about hard work.

The fast-paced collegiate environment brings me unexpected changes every day, but fashion has always been a consistent in my life. While I’ve always enjoyed those rushed mornings—meticulously planning out and putting together the day’s outfit— my love for both writing and photography has continued to grow over the past few years. In essence, CollegeFashionista has become my perfect creative outlet!

My day-to-day, collegiate life really isn’t that far off from what you might expect reading a post of mine.  As a second-year journalism and mass communication major, I’m involved in a slue of courses and clubs that keep my creativity flowing and my days deadline-driven. In other words, my brain’s always focused on the next story to write and the inevitable photoshoot that surrounds every feature I formulate. While I’m biased towards pop culture-based topics—because, well, who doesn’t get that unexplainable thrill from binge-watching reality T.V.?—I enjoy just about any assignment that forces me to think a bit harder and write a little stronger.

In my personal life, I try my best to make time for fun in between all the keyboard crunching and paper printing. Although I’ve got a pretty progressive, metropolitan mind, being raised in the Adirondack Mountains turns me to the outdoors in any inspiration-craving situation. From casual outdoor walks to elevated hikes, calm kayak rides to fast-paced boating, the mountains never fail to serve me another story suggestion or photoshoot idea.

I really am a lover of all things unconventional, which some might say shines through in my personal style. As I see it, living and dressing “inside the box” isn’t any fun, so I gladly welcome anything pinned “abnormal.” From oversized, multicolor sweaters paired with combat boots to oddly long T-shirts and “double denim,” my style’s all over the place—but hey, at least I’ve got something for every occasion.

Throwing together my mish-mosh of interests and influences, I’m hoping everyone finds something useful in my writing, whether it be a simple “good read” or useful advice for your daily dress. As this semester ensues, I’m looking forward to serving up some new features on some unconventionally-fashionable Fashionistos.