Hello there! My name is Lena Copley, and I am a junior at Iowa State University. Currently I am studying Event Management and minoring in French as well as Sports and Recreation. Here at school I am a part of a few clubs and committees and work for the ISU football team. My schedule can get sort of hectic at times, so I like my clothes to be cute but also comfy to allow me to feel and look great during all of my activities.

I have a real passion for photography and have recently been trying to get more experience. I thought that being a Style Guru would be a great way to take more pictures, but also blog about my own personal fashion. I really fell in love with photography when I traveled this summer to London with my family. With all of the different views and great fashion, there was a lot to take in! Some of what I saw is also incorporated into my outfits.

Personally, I feel like I have a very casual and sometimes simple style. I am not the best at accessorizing so I like my outfits to look complete on their own. I am obsessed with high-waisted anything and super comfy sweaters. Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion—I love flannels, boots and vests. I’m all about being cozy and comfy, while staying fashionable. For me, an outfit is never fully complete without some eyeliner and bright nail polish.

I hope you like my style and I can’t wait to start this experience as a Style Guru!