As an ambitious five-year-old living in Korçë, Albania, I was designing shirts and dresses out of plastic bags. Although the plastic bags have become denim and leather and the small European city has become the globally influential center of fashion of New York City, that creative passion has remained the same.

Whether I’m sporting a dark lip, statement necklace, leather jacket or bold bandage skirt, I love expressing myself through fashion. One day I can be wearing a simple all-black ensemble with thigh-high lace-up boots, while another day, I will be modeling a textured white crop top, red pencil skirt and gold heels. I like to elevate looks by adding a gold chain, studded earrings or nude pumps. Crop tops and maxi skirts with slits are my summer favorites to pair with a blazer, reflective sunglasses, a white watch and gold jewelry. I’m not afraid to go from dressy to casual or preppy to punk; I welcome change, growth and fluidity with my personal style.

It is inspiring to live in the audacious and dynamic city of New York and use it as my canvas. I’m inspired by the suits I see while exiting the N train at Times Square, the quirky dresses on the L train at 14th Street and the sunglasses on the D train at Coney Island. As an Advertising/Public Relations major and fashion intern, I value creative expression and individuality. I have an intense passion for writing, photography, and art—looking at breathtaking sunsets and skylines as muses.