STYLE GURU BIO: Leanne Fitzgerald

Hello everyone! I’m Leanne Fitzgerald, a college student discovering the world through the streets of the city that never sleeps. I have an eclectic style of edgy and bohemian vibes, inspired by different eras and cultures around the world. You can find me just about anywhere, from simply walking around the busy streets of my favorite city, to visiting parks and shopping around unique thrift stores to find the perfect treasures to add to my wardrobe.

I’m currently a Fashion Merchandising and Management major and Psychology minor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. My dream is to one day combine these two differing subjects in order to help empower those dealing with body image issues, and intimidation from their scales or closets. I believe that fashion is a part of everyone’s lives, and everyone has their own unique style, whether they think so or not. I believe the clothes we choose to wear, whether it’s a basic T-shirt and ripped jeans, or a glamorous fur vest paired with a pointed pump, should help give us that extra boost of confidence throughout our daily activities, rather than be something we fear or avoid every morning. Every person in this world deserves to feel their absolute best every single time they look at their reflection; I hope that I can one day create a world where people don’t avoid that numbered metal plate that sits on their bathroom floors, or the full length mirrors that they pass every morning as they leave the house.

As for myself and my style, I love accessories! I’ve always gone through different phases where I was really into gold jewelry, and then when I was really into silver; however, lately, I love having the best of both worlds by pairing the two together. By taking basic pieces, like these distressed skinnies and striped cropped top, and pairing them with accessories that have a certain flare, I can create one cohesive look that truly represents my style. The maroon wool hat adds a pop of color and channels my inner 1970s vibe, and the suspenders add a fun twist on a classic menswear trend. Lastly, my black and gold accented heels complete my outfit and dress up the basic pieces that I had originally started with.

Fashion is something that I truly find comfort with, whilst still being able to experiment every day with my creative side. I am so excited to start this blog, and share just a glimpse of my fashion forward, New York City life with y’all.