STYLE GURU BIO: Leah Boelkins

Happy fall, Fashionistas/os! Like a true basic girl, I can’t get enough of fall, and similarly, I can’t get enough of fall fashion either! With that being said, I’m Leah and fall 2016 marks my second semester of being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. While this past summer was fantastic, I’m expecting this coming semester to be even more #RAD.

I’m currently a junior at Michigan State University, majoring in professional writing and minoring in Spanish and museum studies. I also work with Michigan State’s on-campus fashion and lifestyle magazine, VIM, as the managing editor. A lot of what I love to do revolves around writing, editing and fashion, so naturally I’m looking into living in New York (or any big city, I’m not too picky) post-graduation.

Now onto the most interesting part: the outfit. Despite what my look for this article portrays, I’ve recently been enjoying branching out of my neutral colors only comfort zone. But for this look, I decided to keep it simple. My favorite piece of this outfit by far is my high-waisted Levi shorts. When I purchased these they were just an old pair of Mom Jeans, so I decided to put my (questionable) do it yourself skills to the test. Don’t worry, Fashionistas/os. If I could successfully cut and cuff these jeans, then so can you!

Another piece that helps the outfit stand out is the braided leather Ralph Lauren belt that I scored at Goodwill, as thrifting has recently become one of my favorite hobbies. However, you can easily find a different belt of this style at many different retail stores as well. I finished the look with a cream and tan cross-body bag and the trend well-known for it’s comfort and cuteness: white sneakers.

Style to me is dynamic and is always changing. It doesn’t say absolutely everything about a person, but it certainly is a way we can make visible something we want to express. I tend to get caught up in what’s trendy, as many of us do, but I’ve recently been incorporating trends into looks that I already love, rather than just creating looks around one certain trend. I’ve come to find that this is one of the most helpful methods in maintaining your own personal style and I can’t wait to showcase it in more articles to come!