STYLE GURU BIO: Laurel Green

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Laurel Green

Hello, all you fashion connoisseurs! I’m Laurel and I’m a sophomore at the beautiful Boston University. Going into my second year, I feel like I really am finding myself (cliché, I know) Now that you have stumbled upon my page, I’ll share with you what I learned about myself.

Some quick facts: I have discovered a “taste” for coffee and I prefer cute coffee shops with good photo ops over Starbucks. I have dreams that many may consider unrealistic, but I have every intention of fulfilling them. I’m coming for you, Dancing with the Stars! I think way too much, which is problematic when trying to make simple life choices like, “What should I wear today?” I’m a hopeless romantic: I live for clichés and cheesy romantic comedies. I think my singing is a beautiful balance between Adele and Beyoncé. Perhaps most importantly: ice cream is always the answer (especially with sprinkles while watching Say Yes to the Dress).

So now that you know me in a nutshell you may be asking yourself, “Laurel, what makes you a fashionista?” Well, fashion has always been there for me: as an online procrastination, as a confidence booster, as a form of creativity and as cheesy as it is (and I do love cheesy), it’s a way that I am finding myself. When I moved to Boston, I fell for the fall. I broadened from my classic girly style to a mix of chic city prep. I may be the only one that actually understands what that means but I hope to show you a piece of me through my style and the Fashionistas/os I admire. Whether you scroll through my page or read every word, I hope you find inspiration to explore you style with confidence.

Want to be chic city prep too? Here’s what I’m wearing! A front tie skirt from Anthropologie, tassel necklace from Anthropologie, pullover sweater from Madewell (find a similar one here) and Steve Madden sandals from Macy’s.