Hi there! I am a sophomore at Penn State University, studying marketing. My obsession with clothes and fashion started back in elementary school when I would draw all of the outfits I wanted to wear, whether they existed in my wardrobe, or not. In a couple years, I learned how to sew and made some of my own clothing creations. Since then, my love of fashion developed exponentially.

It wasn’t until the beginning of my freshman year, here at Penn State, that I decided to pursue a career in fashion. After that, I became highly involved in everything fashion related within grasp between fashion clubs and starting my own fashion blog so I would have a platform to share my personal style.

In general, I consider my style to be rather classic with romantic and minimalist details. I think the inspiration for my style comes from the fact that I have been told I look like a modern Audrey Hepburn. I have to admit that in some photos, you can really see the resemblance. Even though I tend to keep things neutral, I am open to experimenting with new and bold trends so I can create my own take on them.

Outside of my life in fashion, a lot of my time is spent running my own business making handmade bags with upcycled materials, and traveling to local festivals to sell my products. Although I haven’t decided exactly what job I am aiming for, I love exploring the different opportunities out there. One of which is writing about fashion, which is what brought both you and me here today. I am so excited for my next step as a Style Guru! I hope you enjoy my posts, where I will be bringing you monthly articles about some of the most creative, bold and flat-out stylish students on campus. Thanks for stopping by!