Hello again, fellow fashion enthusiasts! My name is Lanie Woods and I am an incoming junior transfer at Cal Poly SLO. This is my second semester working with the wonderful CollegeFashionista team and I could not be more ecstatic to continue on with these amazing people. After a fun-filled summer semester, why not come back for more?

If there’s one thing I could say about my personal fashion sense, it is that I definitely don’t have a set trend. One day you’ll see me in sweats, the next in a ‘70s hippie outfit and the next in a totally worn-out tee and cutoffs. I like to keep it interesting to say the least.

Being raised by my mom and her rock band-obsessed, flower child ways, my fashion sense is undoubtedly impacted by her. Flowy bohemian dresses and distressed band shirts hold the key to my heart. Influences from my dad’s southern, country ways weave their way into my closet as well. I never see how distressed jeans and baggy shirts can go wrong if you pair them just right.

The San Diego sun I have basked in for the past 12 years means that I always dress for warm weather and have the ability to low key tan when I’m out and about. With the transition from summer to fall, I like to incorporate both types of seasonal trends into my daily outfits during this awkward “it’s maybe cold enough for a jacket but then I might be too hot so I can’t really win here” September phase. 
Retail therapy is a real and a huge downfall for me. I can find absolutely any reason to justify any kind of clothing purchase for myself. And here I am to show you what these purchases are this semester! I cannot wait to see what CollegeFashionista brings for me this fall and I hope you’ll stick around to see, too.