STYLE GURU BIO: Krithika Kommana

September 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Krithika Kommana

Hi guys! I’m Krithika and I’ll be studying business at New York University. As a timid incoming freshman to the start of supposedly the best four years of my life, taking on this internship will be a great opportunity to love and embrace the diversity of my campus in a creative way.

Fashion has always been one of the major elements of cultural and individual identity. I’m someone who’s always finding new creative outlets. My first creative outlet, and probably my favorite one, is writing. Whether it’s poetry, stories or simply writing articles like these, writing is where I get to convey my emotions in a subtle but intricate way. My second creative outlet is photography. From capturing the nature in Seneca Falls to the Manhattan night life, and even the candids I somehow manage to capture of my friends, photography has allowed me to get to know people and see the present world around me through different perspectives. Fashion, being my next creative outlet, allows me to openly share my range of styles from contemporary, minimalist layering to floral patterns. It allows me to try new things and learn to be more comfortable with my own body, which is something that I, and many people, struggle with on a daily basis.

CollegeFashionista gives me the opportunity to combine all of these three creative outlets, and do what I love at the college of my dreams. NYU has been my dream school since I was little, and as nervous as I am to start the fall term (and my first term as a Style Guru) I am also really excited! I hope that my future articles will not only inspire you with some new looks, but with some new perspectives too. Living in NYC means that I’ll be surrounded with so many different kinds of people, and one of my main goals as a Style Guru is to capture the diversity, culture and personality expressed by these fall fashion looks. Whether it’s someone following the trend or creating their own, we’re all entitled to express ourselves, and more importantly, love who we are and how we choose to identify ourselves, which to me is the whole point of CollegeFashionista.

For the look presented in these pictures, I wanted to introduce some fall colors, such as the mustard-colored top, and replace the high-waisted shorts and flip-flops with a black skirt and booties. Fall, especially in NYC, will definitely be here before we know it. But as long as the sun’s out, you’ll probably see me around in campus in some florals and crop tops.

I’m super excited to write more for you guys! Have a great fall semester!