STYLE GURU BIO: Kristal Logan

We all know that fashion can be translated into anything you want it to be. You define fashion, not the other way around. A choker necklace for example, is a great addition to complete a chic outfit. You might even add a bejeweled head piece for that bohemian look. Fashion for me however didn’t come until a later part of my life. In elementary school, people would criticize me on my outfits. “You can’t put those two colors together” or “You really wore that top to school?” I never understood what the big deal was. At the time, I wasn’t into trends or thought about what people liked. Instead, I always followed what I liked. That stuck with me for the majority of my teenage years as I saw myself transitioning from a geeky 5th grader to a Fashionista who shops at ASOS, Zara and NASTY GAL religiously.

Some of my biggest icons in fashion include Sarah Jessica Parker, June Ambrose and Kourtney Kardashian. Since the hit show Sex and The City, Sarah Jessica Parker has always amazed me with her beast like curls and killer style every episode. June Ambrose has set the path for African American women in the fashion industry as a well known stylist. She is most known in the music industry for coordinating outfits for famous celebrities. Kourtney Kardashian’s (also my birthday sister) style is very similar to mine. I would call it boho-chic with a pinch of rebellion. Her outfit choices have been seen all over social media which could be considered risqué yet effortless.

When I am not following some of my favorite fashion icons on all their social media, I can be a very laid back person. Growing up on Long Island, I always wanted more from life. I am also know as a workaholic (in a good way). Some would call me overly determined but to me I’m just someone ambitious who is looking to make a difference. I guess one of the main reasons why I chose to attend LIM College was not only because it was in the heart of New York City but because I was surrounded by females who were kind of like me. A lot of people aren’t looking to see what’s hot on the streets. Instead, people want to know how their style could be incorporated with what’s hot to make their style unique.

At LIM College, I am a senior pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising. I hope to one day plant my feet into the industry. Until then, I’m going to keep doing what interests me like eating lasagna, shopping for shoes online and reading Vogue magazine.