STYLE GURU BIO: Kimberly Mehrtens

Hello, Fashionista/os! I’m a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston and I’m dual-majoring in Journalism and Media and Screen Studies. This is my first semester working with the CollegeFashionista team and I’m thrilled to begin blogging the stylish students of Boston!

Boston is a cultural mecca of arts, music and food—and it shows in the people found walking through the streets. Whether it’s a folk arts group playing on a stop of the “T” or a fashion shoot occurring in an alleyway near Newbury Street, you can always count on experiencing something new and inspiring near and on the Northeastern campus.

The people of Boston give me the confidence to dress up and explore my style through clothes in ways I never had the courage to do when I was younger. I remember drawing clothes since I was in second grade—a time when I thought extra flared jeans were super cool. When I got older, I coveted fashion magazines like Vogue and obsessively watched YouTube clothing hauls, outfit of the days and DIY-inspired tutorials. Meanwhile, my love of writing pushed me to major in Journalism where I’ve been able to interview and meet people that have inspired me.

For me, fashion is an outlet of expression that accepts every type of person. You can be an introvert but wear loud clothing or an extrovert who clings to a more subdued and classic ensemble. It may not be outlandish or avant garde, but it will always be completely and perfectly yours, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

This semester, I can’t wait to explore the new styles and unique people that make up such a beautiful city like Boston. Look out for my weekly street style posts on Wednesdays! It’s going to be a great adventure.