January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey there, gems! Let’s first start with the basics. I’m Kili, a sophomore at Ithaca College, majoring in Journalism with double minors in Integrated Marketing Communications and Dance. I’m s’stoked to be a part of this fanciful fashion experience, and can’t wait to get started!

At home, they’d call me a lifer. This meaning that I attended the same Quaker institution from elementary to high school. Yes, that is 10 years, in two buildings, with the same 70 kids in my class. In addition to a lack of versatility in my education, there wasn’t that much versatility in terms of how everyone dressed. If my school were to be grouped into one category, it would definitely be “The Prep.” We even used to say that it was strictly us who kept Vineyard Vines in business.

Trying not to conform was insanely hard (my wardrobe does consist of about four Shep Shirts), but it came to a point when I had to find myself, and dress the way I thought I should. Look good, feel good ya know? All I can say is, God bless dance. My artistic background not only helped me express myself through movement, but also through fashion. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by an array of well dressed examples, who ultimately helped me develop my own style.

During my junior year, I finally decided to break the mold and just do me! There were definitely a lot of stares the first day I neglected my Sperrys and replaced them with Dr. Martens. This time, I chose to embrace it.

That’s when my blog was born. High Schooler A La Mode is all about being the needle in the haystack, and owning it. My personal life motto from then on was: “Keep one foot out of the box.” Personally, I didn’t want to drift too far from the norm, but just needed that one foot of freedom to separate me from the rest.

If I were to try and define my style, It would probably be the edgy minimalist with just a dash of boho. I dig studs and leather—which are featured in my look by my all time favorite, Frye boots— with the frequent pop of color. Deep tones are my faveeee! Black, maroon, olive, salmon and violet are all my home girls. I do try and add some flavor during the spring and summer, though.

I’ll admit, I kind of suck at jewelry, hence the “minimalist” aspect. So, I tend to accessorize with scarves, jackets, bags and lots of wrap bracelets from Pandora, Tory Burch and Vera Bradley

I definitely admire Gigi Hadid, mainly because I believe she masters the effortless look with grace. Hopefully, if my dreams were to come true,  I’ll be one of the stylists helping icons like her achieve such success.