Hello to all my fellow Fashionistas/os out there, my name is Kili Bell and I’m ready to ring in the new semester with the fabulous members of the CollegeFashionista team. I’m a junior now – insane how time flies – so this will be my third and hopefully most eye-catching semester yet!

I think the first thing to know about me is that I love cheese, matte lip colors and aspire to be anything short of the next Giuliana Rancic. Through my love for fashion is that of my favorite things and beyond.

I grew up in a creative household and everyone had some type of artsy talent. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “great minds think alike,” well creative minds – well at least the ones I were surrounded by – do too and if there’s one thing we had in common it was the creativity behind what we wore. Even as a child my mom inspired my sisters and I to dress to express rather than impress. She supported the many phases from light up shoes, to camo cargo pants, to tying shirts with hair ties and getting colored hair extensions. As long as the fit itself was appropriate, so were we to leave the house. Little did I know, in her creative mind this tactic was helping me form my own. Junior year of high school I really started to realize what I didn’t want to look like, and that was everyone else. I attended the same Quaker school since third grade had no intentions of being a carbon copy of the rest of the girls in my friend group. I wanted my own aesthetic, and here I am today.

I think I would describe my style as something my aunt once coined me as and continued to stick – hipster Kardashian. Kardashian because I aways try to stay relevant with the trends, wear a multitude of neutrals, have minimal accessories and really do try my hardest to keep my butt looking good. The hipster however stems from me always wanting to keep one foot out of the box. I want to be fresh and current yet not lose who I am while trying to keep up with everyone else. As well as the little bit of artsy edge just popping out. For example my outfit features the ever so popular adidas, but are all white. The hat, light wash jeans and even my glasses also add a contrasting element to the black shirt.

Through getting a chance to look at other Style Guru’s portfolios and watching them make street styles come to life I have received an enormous amount of inspiration that can only be credited by the how dynamic the CollegeFashionista family really is. There’s an opportunity through reading these posts where not only the Style Guru’s themselves can meet new people, but through others you can see what trends are happening all through the country and sometimes the world. It’s the everyday person that inspires me not the people in the media who can literally buy inspiration. If I see someone in the same walks of life as I am, who has achieved style greatness as I sincerely hope to, that’s something to admire. So keep killin’ it out there guys and live everyday like you’re walking down Fifth Avenue during fashion week because you never know who’s watching.