STYLE GURU BIO: Kenia Viezcas

January 6th, 2016 at 4:29pm

Believe me when I say my interest in dressing well came years after my interest in dressing differently. In middle school I would sport pleather bombers much too big for me and fake “hipster” glasses. That pattern followed throughout high school, giving me the confidence I have today to wear men’s penny loafers and knee-high socks to a lecture hall of Vineyard Vines and spirit jerseys. I see style as a depiction of our economic, political, and social climate; it is a window into what the world faces during a generation. Not that I think of my future great great grandchildren when I pick out a skirt, but I would like to give my generation a good reputation in the style department—no offense, ’80s.

Apart from my love for personalizing my style, I find satisfaction in staying active and working hard. I’ve been running for the last seven years and recently joined my university’s club rowing team. As an international studies major I’ve always had a desire to travel and experience the culture of other countries. My family is completely and devotedly Mexican– just give us chile Colorado and loud music and we’ll be satisfied for weeks. They’ve pushed me to try absolutely everything, whether that be spending a week in Washington D.C. to network with some of the biggest names in politics, sign up to model for a bridal exposé “for the heck of it”, or wear faded overalls to Sunday Mass. I’d like to think I live a pretty abnormal life, and that shows through my everyday style, which I hope and can’t wait to share with CollegeFashionista!