STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Zimmerer

Hello! I’m Kelsey, a Connecticut native and current Bostonian. This is my first semester as a Style Guru, and my last year at Northeastern University. While I might be a rookie writing for CollegeFashionista, I am not so new to fashion journalism. During my time at NU, I have written for various campus publications as a student and company blogs as an intern, but right now, I’m excited to report on what incredible style our campus has.

Going to college in Boston has some serious influence on what students wear here, myself included. Contrary to what a certain GQ article might have said about our city’s fashion sense (or lack thereof), the incredible designers, retailers and style influencers we have definitely foster a sense fashion-forwardness in Boston. Since my freshman year, I have loved the freedom city life gives you to experiment with new trends and take inspiration from epic street style. I have gone from a girl who would see that overalls are a trend and pin it on Pinterest to someone who loves this revived look, buys a pair and rocks it on a Friday night (true story.)

Now, that’s not to say that pinning all my favorite bloggers’ looks isn’t a pastime also. Full disclosure, I love scouring the Internet, magazines and Instagram for style inspiration and am a true junkie when it comes to hoarding past issues of Lucky, Glamour and Marie Claire. Seeing the way other women put outfits together and what’s up-and-coming from the fashion industry pushes me to look at my closet in a new way and probably is to blame for this nasty shopping addiction I have.

I have been lucky enough to study in Florence, London and Paris, where my fashion education went beyond my browser. Living in these fashion centers gave me incredible opportunities to get a glimpse inside the industry—think Milan Fashion Week and Yves Saint Laurent’s office—and to be inspired by the trends dominating their street styles. Further, it confirmed my love of fashion.

Now that you have the long story, here are the quick facts about my style. My closet is overwhelmingly blue, black and white, which you can see in this outfit. I love minimalist looks that play with silhouettes and texture, like the volume in my culottes or the contrast between the silk, leather, metal and felt in this outfit. I rotate between a collection of delicate gold necklaces, like the two I’m wearing here, but wear the same bracelet, rings and watch every day. I’m currently yearning for a pair of Stan Smith sneakers and a pastel duster coat.

But enough about me, time to see what everyone else at Northeastern is wearing!