STYLE GURU BIO: Kelly Crosson

Born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, I have been surrounded by fashion for as long as I can remember. Hi! I’m Kelly Crosson! I am sophomore at the University of Michigan. I have always had an extreme passion for new age marketing surrounding social media and hope to find myself in that field in the future. I’m obsessed with coffee, Netflix, and pretty much rag & bone anything.

Born a Southern California girl, I have tried my best this past year to bring my hometown style to the world of the Midwest, a place where they have this thing called seasons! (Who knew it wasn’t 70 in December everywhere?). While many a time I have certainly had to forgo my previous comforts of tank tops in favor of cashmere sweaters, I think I succeeded in bringing a little L.A. to A.A.–Ann Arbor that is. Since I’ve recently experienced a major climate change, I have watched my own personal style change a little each day.

I am obsessed with plaid flannels, particularly by the brand Rails. I throw them over a plain T-shirt, button them up on their own, sleeves up, sleeves down—you name it, I do it. Not only does plaid add in a little color pop to my typically black and white color scheme, but a flannel makes the perfect layer for the girl who finds herself in unpredictable weather!

When it comes to jeans, I am a loyal follower; I will commit for years to a certain brand or style. Right now I love the FRAME Le Color Rip Skinny Jean. No matter the season, I can throw them on in white, black, gray and many other hues. Plus, the rips and open skin are perfect when I’m feeling rebellious against a snowy Mother Nature.

I love to write and I hope I can channel my love for fashion into my words. I am so excited to have this amazing opportunity!