STYLE GURU BIO: Kaylan Burns

Hi my little fashion lovers! I cannot even express how excited I am to tackle my second semester as a Style Guru and my second year at the University of Rhode Island.

I am a sophomore with a Textiles Merchandising & Design major and an interest in pursuing a Public Relations minor. As an active member of my school’s Public Relations Society (PRSSA), a freshman mentor for other fashion majors, the President of the Fashion Merchandising Society and an intern for HerCampus, I have a little more on my plate than usual. Within the semester, I hope to show all the Fashionista/o’s out there that having a jam packed schedule does not stop the average college student from dressing for success!

As the summer comes to a swift end, the time to wear some of our favorite styles does as well. I, for one, have taken the last few weeks of summer as an opportunity to sport some of the looks that I may not be able to transition easily from summer to the brutal winters of New England. My style has evolved a lot since beginning my college journey but I still stick to the idea that everyone that walks a campus has a unique personal style. I intend to explore those styles thorough the year, beginning with my own.

Matching sets are an obvious go-to for a girl on a budget like myself and I find them to be the perfect example of how to make yourself stand out in a crowd. I strive to present myself in a way that is viewed as different and edgy, while pushing others to dress and express themselves as they please. While taking inspiration from fashion bloggers like Danielle Bernstein, never missing an episode of Project Runway and always being up for a challenge, I hope to enlighten the CollegeFashionista readers with a fresh look of everyday fashion around my campus.