STYLE GURU BIO: Kayla Martin

My name is Kayla Martin and I’m a junior anthropology major with a double minor in public relations and world history at York College of Pennsylvania. I love listening and discovering new music to dance around to in my outfits after my shopping sprees. In my free time, I like to photograph and explore new places such as boutiques and consignment stores, but mostly I like to just explore in general. My love for social media has now become an obsession from just this past year. I have recently become very fond of using social media as a tool to inspire and to capture viewers attention. So when a close friend referred me to CollegeFashionista, I could not have have been any more enthusiastic.

I’m not to sure where exactly my passion for fashion came from but for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved getting all dressed up. I love coordinating outfits to match the seasons and to match my make up of course. Sometimes, I spend hours ripping a part my closet just to mix and match all of my clothes together. The thing about clothing is that clothes are so versatile and the possibilities are always endless. You can dress outfits down or add accessories to dress them up and that’s what astounds me. The inspiration I get for my own style is from a number of different sources such as, magazines, media, mainstream ideas and local trends. All these are contributing factors that influence my style. It’s usually a mixture of all these ideas it’s never one or the other. Before finding my own unique style, I was all about mainstream trends but now my style can be described as a grunge city flare with a hint of bohemian; but, of course, I like to top it all of with a modern twist.  Fashion has always been a way for me to express myself in a different way. I remember when I was little I always loved to play dress up. My mom would always buy me those little plastic heels with the fur in the front. Fashion has played a role in my life for such a long time, it’s safe to say that it is indeed an extensive part of me which is why I’m looking forward to this opportunity to hopefully inspire and maybe if I’m fortunate, to be the motivation behind your style one day.