STYLE GURU BIO: Kayla Alvarado

Hello, fellow rad Fashionistas/os! My name’s Kayla Alvarado, and I’m a senior studying journalism. I am super excited to be joining the CollegeFashionista team for the fall semester.

Some quick facts to know: I have a giant sweet tooth, I believe Louis Tomlinson is the best One Direction member and I love 5K runs!

Now, on to business. As a student studying journalism in the lovely city of Chicago, I have been inspired by the windy city’s trendy culture to report on lifestyle topics, which include health, food and, of course fashion.

I am OBSESSED with what celebrities are wearing to special events and on casual Sunday afternoons. To be more specific, I envy Kylie Jenner’s edgy look and all I want in life is to be the female style equivalent of Harry Styles.

With these interests, my dream career would be to write for lifestyle or teen magazines.

Looking back, I would say my style has evolved for the better. I remember walking down the halls of my high school wearing flower embroidered jeans and rocking headbands with distracting accents (huge flowers, mini top hats, etc.) from Claire’s Boutique.

As I’ve entered college, my style has taken a simple, edgy route. With affordability and comfort in mind, my go to outfit is a black and white stripped T-shirt with a flattering but stretchy pair of dark skinny jeans complete with black booties.

The look I’m rocking above represents my love for edgy looks. In addition to my Hot Topic T-shirt and black booties, I created a unique look from my bandana by tucking one end into my front pocket and the other end into my back pocket. Altogether, this look is easy to create and gives off an edgy vibe.

I strongly believe that how a person wears clothes and how they carry themselves makes an outfit trendy. You can turn any outfit and wow people just by the confidence you execute. Remember, you wear the clothes, so don’t let the clothes wear you!