Hello there fellow Style Gurus and Fashionistas/os! My name is Katie and I’m a rising junior at Stonehill College. I major in Arts Administration and pretty much live in the theater. I hope everyone has had a relaxing summer full of sunshine, beach days and bonfires. If you’ve been following my articles week by week you probably know I interned this summer. While this did limit my beach days, I definitely had a great time and I learned some tips from the pros about dressing for the work environment. Check out my past articles for inspiration!

That being said, I’m so ready to go back to school for one main reason: I love fall fashion. As a New Englander, fall to me means cardigans, cute skirts, tights, knit thigh-highs and booties. Not to mention, all the scarf, hat and glove combos you can imagine. Finally! Not to diss summer, but autumn is the absolute best season for fashion. It’s not cold enough that you have to sacrifice style for warmth and you can add as many layers as you want without sweating to death. From leather riding boots to luxe trench coats, there are so many reasons to love the fall.

Another reason I’m pumped for this semester to start is because I love decorating a new dorm room as much as the next girl. Christmas lights and extra comfy bedding are all I need in my life. Just as long as it’s not too tempting to stay in and skip class! (I would never…) I spend my days daydreaming, making lists for the future and taking care of my succulents. I’m easy to please; just give me a loft, a dog and Netflix and I will be set for life—or at least until the Ben & Jerry’s runs out.