STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Klinefelter

Hello fellow fashion lovers, mom and dad, friends, aunties and girl in my residence hall with the really cute shoes.  I’m so glad you’re all reading!  My name is Katie Klinefelter and I hail from the fantastic city of Pittsburgh, otherwise known as “The Burgh” or “City of Bridges” (446 bridges to be exact).  I am currently a freshman at Ohio University, majoring in Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development.  This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I’m more than pumped to profile some of the latest style icons on campus!

Along with being a dedicated Fashionista, I also have a few other interests. I’m the baby sister out of three daughters, a dancer till death, a health nut, a coffee enthusiast and most importantly, a pug fanatic. I’m a girl who enjoys venturing out and trying new activities, which I firmly believe reflects my fashion taste. You can not browse through my closet and determine a single style because it varies regularly. I believe this keeps my wardrobe fun and interesting!

Fashion has been a steady progression for me.  I’m attracted to current trends and designs, and love the evolution of fashion and its constant change. I consider it to be an extension of people’s personalities and how they’re feeling. It gives a certain amount of freedom to you and allows you to express yourself however you choose. With that being said, I appreciate all levels of fashion from dressing up to dressing down; from a day in the classroom, to a night out on campus. Fashion is not about just looking your best and wearing the most well-known brands. It is about the ingenious originality and flair that goes into making haute couture and their elaborate runway shows. It’s about the collaboration and devotion each company has in order to pull off fashion week. I don’t know about you, but I find it incredible.

My absolute favorite thing to do is take a simple outfit and amp it up with accessories. I love any outfit with a bright, fun pattern, an open back and a statement necklace.  However, on some days it is nearly impossible to catch me wearing anything besides some basic neutrals with simple gold jewelry. Especially when the material is so soft you could wear it to bed.

For my first post, I decided to dress myself in a pair of flowing casual shorts, a softened denim button-down and my favorite chunky heeled-sandals that go with almost anything!  Thrown together with a brown cross-body bag, a watch and three dainty gold necklaces, I’m set for the day!  This is one of my favorite street style collaborations, because hey, simple is stunning.