August 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi Fashionistas and Fashionistos, thanks for clicking on my page! My name is Katie Kane and this is my first year as a Style Guru and also my first year of college. I am going to be studying communications at Elon University. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up however there are a few things that I do know: I want to work in the fashion industry, I cannot wear orange, I love to write, I am a dog person and I love playing dress up.

I attended a private elementary and middle school where I was required to wear a uniform everyday, except for casual Fridays, which were once a month. I would spend days thinking about what I was going to wear. I had two goals in mind every time I got dressed: feel good and look unique. I never wanted to look like everyone else and I love how fashion gave me the ability to feel and look like an individual. In middle school I would often wear bright pink knee-high socks with my collared shirt and plaid skirt (getting me sent to the dean’s office on more than one occasion) to separate myself in even the smallest ways. I even tried crimping my hair, which at the time made me look like a preppy poodle.

Once I reached high school, I switched schools and no longer had to wear a uniform. Despite this newfound freedom I soon became frustrated because I realized that in my small community, most girls came to school everyday wearing variations of almost the exact same outfits. I finally graduated from my uniform days but it seemed like people were actually choosing to dress alike. I really felt like I was going insane. This phenomenon made it more difficult for me to meet those two goals I had always set for myself because, really, who wants to stand out in high school? Definitely not me. It was this frustration that propelled me into the world of blogging. After finding hundreds of bloggers from all over the world who all seemed to share my goals and passions, I was inspired to become a part of this empowering community and start my own fashion blog. Nearly three years later I am still blogging (add a new camera, subtract a hair crimper) and I love every aspect of it. I’m so thankful that it has helped me become a Style Guru and has introduced me to many talented people who share my passion.

This is my go-to look for a hot summer day on the shore: a soft dress from Umgee, Bernardo sandals, an eye catching necklace from Forever 21, a Francesca’s cross-body purse and a creamy nude lipstick from Urban Decay. Today I decided to go with a light, boho look but tomorrow, who knows! Thanks so much for reading my article and check back for more coming soon!