STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Formichella

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello! My name is Katie Formichella and I am a sophomore at Penn State University majoring in public relations and psychology with a minor in music technology.

I come from the infamous steel town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and growing up in its suburbs taught me not only about life in general, but how I want to live mine. But then I went to college, which screwed me all up and challenged everything I thought I knew. I came into college as an undecided major and changed it four times before finally deciding on the ones listed above. With that uncertainty came much more and so I began my search into whom I really am. I’ve learned a lot about who I am. Here’s some of the important stuff: 1. I am a coffee addict, and I always will be. I’ve tried to cut myself off from the stuff, but it’s just not worth it. 2. I love to observe other people, and not in the creepy people-watching way. I love to watch people grow. I love to see them when they are deep in their passions. It’s one thing to just look at another person, but it’s another to know them and understand them. 3. Working for what I want is the only way I will be happy with myself. I work hard in everything I do, and I want to improve myself every day. I’m a firm believer in working for what you want. It’s cheating if you get something handed to you. You should deserve it.

The outfit that I am wearing is mostly black and basically gets its appeal from the dreary day I photographed it. The dress is from Forever 21. The shoes provide just a little bit of a color differentiation from the black. They are Impo brand. I added a few accessories, such as the beanie and jewelry, to add a little bit of flare to the outfit. The bag I found was a great compliment to the outfit and it was able to hold all the stuff I always carry. I love to wear black, so I definitely felt very comfortable in this!

I look forward to sharing more about fashion with you this semester!