I am a senior. Finally staring at the words is a bit startling but exciting. I’m Katie Fabry, a now senior at Stonehill College, who spent the duration of the summer in denial that this would be my final year of schooling. While everyone warns you that college goes by in the blink of an eye, I never thought it would feel this fast. That being said, college has been a perfect whirlwind. As I enter my senior year, I’ve truly done everything I wanted to do. I had amazing internships, met passionate and dedicated mentors, traveled the world with my best friend, lived in a shoebox in the richest borough of London, lived in shoebox on the no-man’s land of 34th St. Manhattan and made thoughtful, lifelong friends who helped me grow as a person. One thing I didn’t anticipate doing was working with CollegeFashionista, or working with fashion at all. But, when the opportunity presented itself, some uncontrollable force pulled me in and CollegeFashionista became synonymous with my college experience.

Throughout these four years, my style has evolved as I have. Most of what I’ve learned about fashion comes from other people: from my eccentric British fashion professor who told me to “Wear what designers wear, not what they make,” and to “Stop being a careful American;” to Amy Levin who styles outfits to perfection by believing in the people in them; to Harry Styles for proving Chelsea boots are the answer to all fashion dilemmas. I’ve learned that trends are important to fashion, but not necessarily to me, to own whatever I wear and dress to impress only myself. On a typical day, I wear a T-shirt and jeans paired with dainty accessories and a killer pair of shoes. I mix masculine pieces with minimalistic femininity playing with leather, denim and silk. I have an affinity for black, cheekily-phrased tees and heeled booties. Most of my clothes come from ASOS, Zara, Urban Outfitters and Joe Fresh, but I’m guilty of splurging on shoes before wearing them into the ground. Currently, my style says that I’m sarcastic, simple and on a missiona fairly accurate representation of this phase of my life.

I’m thankful to take CollegeFashionista along for the last leg of this roller coaster and excited to be back reporting on Boston fashion. My unsolicited advice to the incoming class of 2019 (what?!) is to be a little recklessthe things you wouldn’t normally do turn into your best experiences.