STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Disher

Hello, and welcome all you Fashionistas and hardworking college students! My name is Katie. Many know me as the bubbly, adventurous chick with an eye for fashion. I’m so excited to kick off my internship here at CollegeFashionista sharing my ever changing wardrobe! I recently transferred to San Jose State University eager to start my junior year and entering the speech and language pathology program.

With a new school brings new weather–and that’s an understatement! Coming from Sacramento, California and splitting my time between there and Florida (my parents new home), my wardrobe is always changing and I’m constantly finding new ways to switch a summer casual to a winter must. With the many climate changes I deal with within the year, it would be impossible to live without finding new innovations in my closet! I have to keep my carry on small for visiting my parents in the Florida heat, and keep it even smaller coming back with my winter clothes for the San Fran bay.

I’m all about experimenting–I love textures, layers and neutrals. I grew up with little fashion, loving sports and being one of the boys. My mom made it so fun to go down to the thrift stores and buy anything I wanted–I blame her for my ever growing closet! Anything I wanted to try I could. We didn’t spend hundreds of dollars at the mall–we went down to the thrift store for a treasure hunt. Let me tell you, nothing is more fun than scoring a name brand shirt for two dollars!

If you love versatility and a killer steal as much as I do, then support a fellow Fashionista and follow along!