STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Alston

STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Alston

Hey there everybody! I’m back for a third semester as a Style Guru after a short intermission. I am studying apparel design and merchandising Management at Oregon State University with a double minor in writing and photography, and this year I’m a junior. Time is passing way too quickly, but I’m excited to be back!

Not much has changed in the past year, I still spend my summers working at a dog kennel in Vancouver, Washington while simultaneously counting down the days until I can return to my little fashionable town of Corvallis, Oregon where dreams are made. My favorite summer hobbies have been photography, crafting things for my sorority, watching the Olympics and wandering around the Pearl District in Portland with my friends.

Much like my taste in everything else on earth, my style is a mix of what’s currently trending and what I think should be trending. My greatest regrets are throwing away all of my stretchy tattoo chokers that I collected from vending machines at arcades and skating rinks in the early 2000’s, and not having my mom’s entire wardrobe from the ’70s.

This outfit was inspired by my birth year, 1995. I fount these cool ultra-destroyed boyfriend jeans from a thrift store and I wore it with a black graphic tee shirt that my dad brought me from Las Vegas years ago. I thought they would contrast really well with these all white, leather Converse that are perfect for rainy Pacific Northwest climates. I topped it off with a classic red flannel and a black leather Steve Madden purse.

I hope you all had a wonderful and adventurous summer, and that the start of school goes easy on you!