Hello there, Fashionistas! My name is Kati Shultz and this fall I will be a freshman at Pace University.I’m majoring in Communications and Art History,and I want to pursue a career in fashion journalism. I’m so excited to be able to write for CollegeFashionista this fall and explore my personal style.

Here is a little background on me: I grew up surrounded by the arts. As a child, I danced ballet pre-professionally, and for high school I attended an audition only school for the performing arts. Going to an arts high school was a lesson in personal expression and every day felt like walking down the runway. This idea of using clothes as a way to show who I was caused me to develop a passion for fashion. Despite my major being dance, I found myself joining the school newspaper and falling love with writing and photography.

Growing up, I was a tomboy, and that part of myself is still very evident in my style. I enjoy mixing masculine pieces, such as a denim shirt with feminine patterns, such as these floral shorts. I’m a little bit addicted to striped shirts, and I’m not afraid to admit I could fill a whole drawer with them. I think stripes are timeless and always classy. As much as I love heels and wedges, I live the majority of my life in flats. As someone who’s moving to New York City, I’ll be spending a lot of time walking and I want to be able to move quickly and comfortably. Keds are my go-to sneakers,and these are my current favorite.I  love New York, and I can’t wait to spend the next four years there.