STYLE GURU BIO: Kathleen Thomas

September 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey everyone! My name’s Kathleen and I’m ecstatic to be returning as a Style Guru this semester. I just began my sophomore year at Fordham University, where I’m studying Communications and Fashion Studies. I am already so excited for what’s ahead, and cannot wait to share with you this year’s greatest trends and stylish finds on campus!

When it comes to my personal style, it is definitely hard to pin; as my closet is eclectic and my outfit ideas change depending on my mood. I have found that having a variety in my wardrobe can be fun because it provides opportunity for trying new things. So when I see style inspirations on campus or around the city that are maybe different from a look I would usually go for, I’m always open to giving it a try.

For me, and I always say this but I really mean it, this semester is about stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring upcoming fashion trends, no matter how foreign they are to me. Living in New York city has exposed me to so many different people with so many different tastes, so I want to use this to my advantage as I love to draw inspiration from the outfits I see around me everyday.

Being immersed in New York city’s fashion scene while also being a Style Guru, has blossomed my interest in hopefully one day writing about fashion as a profession. I could talk about fashion and fashion related topics all day long. Seriously, ask anyone.

Overall, I truly adore sharing with you the fabulously fashionable fashionista/o’s that I find on my campus, so please stay tuned!