STYLE GURU BIO: Kathleen Osorio

STYLE GURU BIO: Kathleen Osorio

Hey #GuruGang! I’m beyond excited to share another semester showing my fellow Fashionistas/os what Georgia State students will be sporting around campus this fall. This fall also welcomes my senior year, and I cannot wait to bring you along the journey. Next year I will be graduating with a degree in multimedia communications, and I’ll be ready to face the world.

With the start of fall semester, we are anticipating fall weather. I look forward to the sweaters, the booties, hot chocolate, dark makeup looks and seeing the Earth change colors. I am thrilled to see how Fashionistas across the states are going to be rocking the latest trends and how I can incorporate them into my wardrobe.

I would say my style is a mixture of girly-chic to casual edgy. You can usually catch me in jeans and a cozy cardigan all year long. I get cold easily, and denim just goes with everything. In my opinion, it’s timeless. As you see from my chosen outfit or if you were to glance in my closet, you would see that I have a serious need for a shoe rack and a ton of neutrals and fall colors. I think neutrals are a lot easier to style which makes getting ready faster, and that is important to me because I like my sleep. I also like to bring attention to my décolletage and often I’ll do that with a statement necklace or in this case, a plunging neckline in this case.

I pull inspiration from Instagram, fellow Style Gurus and YouTubers. Want to see what how I put to use my inspiration? Keep tabs on me on my Instagram page.