STYLE GURU BIO: Kathleen Combs

January 8th, 2015 at 1:59am

Hey there Fashionistas! My name is Kathleen and I’m a Senior at Florida State University. I am an English, Editing, Writing, and Media major, and I am minoring in Communications and Film Studies. I am from a small beach town in Florida; New Smyrna Beach, the “Shark Bite Capitol of the world.” Growing up in a beach town, I never really contributed much thought to fashion; everyone around me spent a majority of the time in flip flops, bathing suits and denim shorts. But when I got to college and began noticing the expert ways in which girls around me were putting together ensembles, I couldn’t help but start planning out my own.

My sophomore and junior years of college I was an Art Director for one of our on campus fashion magazines. The opportunity to work with peers that loved everything about fashion inspired me even further. As a member of the team I attended photo shoots, editors meetings, and casting calls that opened my eyes to the frenzy that occurs in the midst of fashion publications, and I fell in love. From then on, I began to establish my own sense of style.

I am drawn to anything black and white. I have a love for the bold contrast of the two together, especially mixed with another bright color. This is why my grandfather’s high school varsity football jacket is one of my favorite pieces. My style is minimalist in nature; I think this stems from my Graphic Design background. My design aesthetic tends to be clean and minimal, and this reflects in the pieces I choose. I love classic and timeless looks that can transform for a variety of occasions.

I believe that everyone has a unique style that is in some way a reflection of their personality, even in the slightest way. I hope to provide you with articles that encompass these ideas. I look forward to an exciting semester and can’t wait to bring you my perspective of fashionable college students all around me.