STYLE GURU BIO: Katheryn Harless

September 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Katheryn Harless

Why hello again Fashionista/os! It’s a new semester, I am back, and *surprise* I’m still wearing black. My fashion sense may be ever-changing, but my love for this dark color never will.

Without fail every time I go shopping, I’ll bring a wide variety of colors to the fitting room, but end up at the register with mostly (if not all) neutrals in hand. I like to joke that this is because I never left my scene phase, but the fashion world has my back because black has never gone out of style. This is proven with the timeless essence of the little black dress. I don’t know what kind of magic spell LBD’s have on them, but I have definitely fallen for it.

In this look, I’m sporting a basic black skater dress that is a closet staple. This basic can be worn with anything and can be styled for just about every occasion. I styled mine pretty casually so I could just run to class and lunch with a friend.

To break up the silhouette, I decided to pair mine with a sheer bro tank that I tied up in a knot. I don’t believe that any kind of clothing has a gender and therefore that doesn’t stop me from shopping in the “boys” section wherever I go. It is more socially acceptable because I am a girl, but I believe that a boy could wear this exact outfit I am here. I’m all about blurring the lines of gender and what people should wear. Jaden Smith is a front-runner in this movement as he rocks all kinds of looks, no matter what label is attached to them. There’s nothing wrong with a girl wearing a suit or a boy wearing a skirt, and we need to get rid of that notion we’ve developed as a society.

I also threw on my trusty Dr. Martens. Growing up attending many punk rock concerts, it’s not a big surprise that I’d own a few pairs of these boots. If I had to choose one shoe to wear the rest of my life, it would definitely be a pair of Dr. Martens. They kind of embrace my apathetic attitude here because I didn’t even bother to tie them.  These shoes just have so much character about them. I don’t see the signs of wear as a bad thing, I see them as the memories I’ve had in these shoes.

Lastly, I wouldn’t be going back to school unless I had some old concert bracelets from summer shows still on my wrist. I can’t wait for this semester and I hope you will follow me through it as I keep an eye out for trends on campus!