STYLE GURU BIO: Katherine Truong

Hi everyone! My name is Katherine Truong and I am a junior at Saint Peter’s University. I am a Biology major hoping to work in the field of radiology. Though I am not going to go into the fashion industry or business management, I am still inspired by designers and the people around me. This is my first semester interning for CollegeFashionista and I am as excited as seeing a pair of shoes you have been eyeing on sale!

I have always loved fashion. You can spot me reading a magazine, on Instagram looking at designers and people’s outfit of the day or shopping online. The art of fashion is one of the best ways to express and define oneself. I love seeing all the creativeness and uniqueness that everyone has. From wearing heels and looking classy to wearing combat boots and looking grunge, I love it all. You can dress simple and rock it, all you would need are some awesome accessories. Fashion does not have to be all high-end brands, but instead, is how you wear it and rock it! It is really inspirational noticing the different cultures and different styles everyone expresses in their own way.

I love exploring and discovering new places. You will be able to recognize me by the chicken nuggets and medium iced coffee I always have in hand, as well. I am ALWAYS in the mood for some sweets! Who doesn’t love food?

Being that Saint Peter’s University is in Jersey City, NJ, the college campus is very diverse and everyone has his or her own uniqueness. I cannot wait to show all of you the Fashionistas/os that have inspired me at my campus and hope you will get inspired and creative with fashion, too.