September 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there gorgeous, I’m Kate and I’m so excited to start this fashion journey that I hope you’ll join me on. Growing up, I loved to adventure through the closets of my mother, aunts and grandmothers and put on runway shows for everyone to see the outfits that I had put together. Although I’ve learned some helpful tricks while growing up on how to put together a successful outfit, I still pick pieces from the closets of the women in my family who inspire me the most. I like to be adventurous and pair something new with something old to create a unique look.

My tastes in fashion are constantly evolving, but one thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years is comfort. No matter what I’m wearing, I have to feel comfortable in it and I have to feel that it’s truly representing how I feel during that time. I like to be spontaneous and maybe wear a very glamorous outfit, but I also enjoy a clean and classic look that may involve a pair of skinny jeans and a white tee with gold jewelry.

During the time these pictures were taken, it was a beautiful day outside and I felt blessed to be surrounded by all the nature around me. I paired a floral dress that used to belong to my mom with a black semi-sheer tunic that is fairly new. The Ray-Bans I’m wearing are from the ‘90s and they also used to belong to my mom. Incorporating new pieces with old ones is like making a new cupcake flavor; some of the tastes are familiar but there’s also something new about it. Whether it’s a go-to outfit or you’re being adventurous with your wardrobe, I think you should always try something at least once. So here’s to experimenting with different fabrics, colors and textures and seeing what we create.