STYLE GURU BIO: Kasse Keudell

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello, my name is Kasse Keudell and I am concluding my junior year at Oregon State University where I study Merchandise Management and Business. This is my first term being apart of the CollegeFashionista team and I am absolutely thrilled! Contrary to what many would think around the United States, Oregon is the home of many trendy individuals and I am delighted to be able to share with you some of these unique styles and trendsetters

I am from a very small, country town in Oregon. When I am not busy with school you will most likely find me running trails or being a gym rat, sipping on Starbucks lattes or pinteresting like an addict. I attended a private school for 12 years so all the way up until college I had to wear a uniform everyday. This is when I realized my love for fashion. I hated being constrained to wear such limited clothing that made you “fit in” with everyone around you. Now that I have the freedom to wear anything I want, I simply can’t get enough. I see fashion and personal style as an art. Personal style is a magical way of expressing who you are without saying a word.

My personal style (when not in work out clothes, which is quite often I admit) is bohemian with a classic flair. I love all the ethnic and historical influences of bohemian clothing. Along with its bright colors, boho-chic allows the ultimate room to be creative. I like taking boho pieces and mixing them with a more classic style to create a pulled together look. For this look, I paired a colorful romper with a neutral, earthy kimono. To add some glamour I always rock my Dogeared necklaces and Pura Vida bracelets. Simple, but style orientated accessories like this can make an outfit. My cage sandals are a must-have for this spring and summer season!

Throughout my blog I will not only be sharing with you some amazing Fashionistas/os around Oregon State’s campus, but also Accademia Italiana’s campus as well. For part of this summer I will be abroad in Florence, Italy studying at a design school. Keep an eye out for some amazing fashions and views here on my blog and my Instagram @kassekayyy.

Cheers to a styling summer!