STYLE GURU BIO: Karen Alezano

Hello, Everyone! My name is Karen Alezano, and I am a fashion student at Los Angeles Trade Technical College in sunny California. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and yes I do consider myself a proud Angeleno/Cali girl. I speak English and Spanish, and I know some French and American Sign Language. My major is fashion merchandising, but I would also like to minor in business once I attend California State University, Long Beach next year (that’s the goal). I’ve always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl. I remember wanting Barbies as a little girl. It was never really about playing with them, but more about being able to dress them up in all those cool outfits. That was always my favorite part.

My style is typically based on how I feel when I am getting dressed, or what type of mood I am in at the time. I usually wear something that I can easily move around in and isn’t a big fuss to deal with like sneakers (I was not meant to wear heels *sad face*), jeans and the occasional graphic T-shirt (because to be honest, a simple T-shirt just won’t do it for me). However, I do consider myself a girly girl 80 percent of the time, so I like to feel cute in an outfit, while still being as comfortable as I possibly can. I love dressing up, but options are limited for me because of my physical disability. I can’t wear certain things (heels), and some things just don’t look right on my body (crop tops). Whenever I have a chance, I love to play dress up with my friends and family. Sometimes I will mix and match the clothes that are already in my closet instead of buying new clothes. (Who am I kidding, I can’t seem to pass up on the chance to buy a new top every now and then).

In these photos, I am wearing a purple, white and blue striped blouse, Lee perfect fit jeans and etnies low-cut sneakers. For my accessories, I am wearing a small, H&M shoulder bag (typically used as my cross-body bag), paired with a sparkly, interchangeable Jessica Carlyle watch and a Forever 21 faux stone, layered necklace. In this look, I decided to base my outfit around my accessories, while still remaining comfortable.

Outside of fashion I love traveling, (haven’t been to many places, yet) music (No Doubt, Coldplay, The Naked and Famous and Lorde, just to name a few) and watching The Big Bang Theory.