STYLE GURU BIO: Kalley Hintermeyer

STYLE GURU BIO: Kalley Hintermeyer

Hey y’all, I’m Kalley! Im from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I’m known for saying “UFFDA” on repeat. I am currently addicted to Game of Thrones, the color white and sushi. I’m a sophomore studying graphic design at the University of Wisconsin Stout. Creating is one of my favorite things, whether it’s creating a layout, playing around on Illustrator or styling and creating an outfit… I dig it. Fashion is something I crave, something I search for and create every single day. If you want to know a little bit about what is in my closet, listen up.

My go-to accessory is definitely a watch and my rings; I can NOT leave the house without those on or I’ll feel naked! My go-to shoe is a recent purchase actually—they’re weaved brown flats that wrap around your ankles… to die for! Last but not least, my go-to article of clothing is a leather jacket. You can pair it with something girly or you can be a badass for a night, either look is great. You can find me on my daily Target run, Starbucks in hand… $100 later, yup that’s me. Target, H&M and Anthropologie are my go-to spots because they have almost everything you could ever dream of.

I think I can say this for every single Fashionista/o out there—fall is the best season for fashion. There are so many colors in nature that you can bounce off of to get inspiration. There are so many things to be fashionable for fall, from tailgates and date nights and so much more. Soon, we’ll all be sipping on and snapping pictures of our pumpkin spice lattes and being those people who we dread being during fall. But hey, we’re all guilty of it.

For this look I styled, I would definitely wear this for more of a dressed up event, such as a date night or a shopping day. Fall can be difficult for styling due to the weather, so I went for a outfit where it can be worn whether it’s a warmer day or a cooler day. I first chose this amazing winter green skirt that has a pattern throughout it. Having a pattern in a skirt really allows it to have movement, which lead me to picking a simple top to have a good contrast.

I went with a simple cotton, white long sleeve shirt. I really went for the simplicity of the top so that my gold jewelry could really stand out. I went with a gold choker and paired it with a stone necklace, giving it more of a feminine look. In my opinion, fall is the best time to break out floppy hats, so I threw on a nice big black hat to top off the look.

To balance the black of my hat, I chose a knee-high boot with gold accents. Doing so really ties it all together. This look is so easy to achieve, and you can switch out colors and articles for something that is more your style!

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